All murals on canvas, stainless steel or acrylic

Are you still undecided which motive it should be? Here you will find all of our murals for your hallway, office, living room or even the bedroom!
Antoro offers you motifs in many colors and sizes. How to find the right picture for your style. Are you opting for glass in your interior? We are happy to print all murals for the living room on acrylic glass. Can it shine metallic? Robust metal prints are a hit, especially in the hallway!

Your haven of peace: murals in the bedroom

Do you want murals for your bedroom? Pictures with calm colors or nature motifs provide you with peace and relaxation within your four walls. Do you like to wake up in your favorite city? City panoramas and skylines are also suitable as wall pictures for the bedroom.

The motivator: your mural for the office

Your office should also be a place where you feel comfortable? Your employees are important to you and you want to show them that? With a chic mural in the office or the meeting room, you create a whole new working atmosphere. Are you a young team with creative ideas? A mural in the office with our casual monkeys underlines your workflow. Do you need a little rest from time to time in the hustle and bustle? With motifs such as the sound of the sea, forest or sunset, your mural creates a haven of peace in the office.

Welcome home: murals in the hallway

With colorful murals in the hallway, the good mood begins when you come home. Murals in the hallway are very diverse and must match your taste exactly. Some decorate the entrance area with several small murals, while others have reserved an entire wall in the hallway for a special mural. Redesign your hallway - also happy to help Custom-made products in all formats and materials at fair prices. Just ask by email or phone!
Do you have a precise idea of your wall pictures for the living room or do you know exactly which wall pictures you would like in the bedroom? Then filter all motifs by category and discover the entire world of Antoro!