Frame for canvas pictures

Would you like to buy a frame for your canvas? The frame is for a canvas from Antoro or from another shop? The canvas frame should be easy to assemble and fit all formats? Discover our canvas stretcher set and solve all your problems at once!

Why Antoro canvas frames?

What are the advantages of a canvas canvas frame? Our stretcher frame set can be adjusted "steplessly" and can therefore also be used for special formats. The canvas frame therefore always fits the picture perfectly. The frame gives your canvas more support and enhances the look. Our stretcher frame set has premium quality: the frame for your canvas is made in German handcraft. Only professionally dried woods with a very low residual moisture (10-12%) are used for the canvas frames. With our stretcher frame set, the entire manufacturing process is also ISO 9001 certified, which ensures a consistently high quality.

Individual frames for your canvas

You are welcome to further customize your picture: Simply buy a canvas frame and get creative. The untreated, dry wood is easy to paint, spray or glue. So the stretcher for your canvas is unique.
Stop buying frames for a canvas in the hardware store! This high quality product is dimensionally stable and reusable. So you can buy a frame for your canvas and save a lot of money.